Couple Therapy and Marriage Counselling

Every couple is unique and so are the challenges you face together. Your relationship might be in transition or in crisis, or you might be yearning to share a more creative and satisfying experience with your partner.

Some common reasons to see a couple therapist:

  • Learning to communicate more effectively by listening carefully and speaking sensitively so you both feel safe, respected and understood
  • Identifying unproductive and hurtful patterns and learning new ways to be together
  • Learning to appreciate and respect each other’s differences
  • Appreciating the value of family and cultural diversity
  • Developing stronger emotional connection, intimacy and sexuality
  • Addressing infidelity and other betrayals
  • Looking for support during stressful and challenging life situations such as separation, divorce, infertility, job loss, retirement and bereavement
  • Aligning goals related to shared concerns such as parenting, finances, domestic responsibilities and priorities
  • Exploring commitment and making decisions about the future